Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boy Am I Lucky

To: Future Self
When: November 17th, 2010

Am I still living this amazing life one year from now? I feel really blessed to have what I do right now: amazing family, an awesome boyfriend, my dream job, a nice place to live, some good friends, and being able to fly helicopters for fun. Most of these things will have their own dedicated blog posts soon enough. Even though I'm not exactly sure why things are looking so good right now, I do have a hunch.

I believe that everything evens out in life. At one point things may be looking down, but they will come back around sooner or later. I think this applies to just about everything in life such as your mood, relationships, money, and employment.

There have been a couple of events that I can recall where things didn't go well at all. After deciding a four year college wasn't for me, I enrolled at Master's Institute, a fast paced technical school learning about my favorite subject, computers. After about a month of classes I show up one day to a note on the door that says they're bankrupt. Luckily the loan I got didn't go though yet so I didn't lose any money. A handful of years later I enrolled in a private helicopter pilot training school called Silver State Helicopters. I was about half way through the course when they also went bankrupt. This time I was not so lucky with the loan and now I have an outstanding debt waiting to be decided on in court. Those two school closures were definitely not good times but I believe I owe some of my current good fortune to them.

But how long will this good fortune last? What events may come to pass that aren't so fortunate? Could I lose any of the great things I have today? I know it's going to happen eventually so I won't worry too much because it's all bound to even out in the end.

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  1. Like I have always said, things happen for a reason. I also tend to think of it in a positive way. You grow and learn to cope and move forward in the "down" times of your life to better prepare you for what is next. It reminds me of learning algebra. You learn parts of the equation and it keeps building on itself.