Monday, November 16, 2009

First Post!

I've done it. I can't believe I actually started a blog. I used to loathe the idea for all the same reasons everyone else might. "Why would anyone want to read about me?" Well, that reason still applies, but I came up with a different reason why I should maintain a blog: for myself. Particularly because I don't have the best memory and it would be nice to be able to go back in time and review what I've experienced in my life. If others also wish to read it, so be it.

Speaking of going back in time, there's a good reason why I came up with the confusing blog title. This idea just came to me one night recently while trying to fall asleep. How about writing each message of my blog as a note to either my past, present, or future self? Now I figure you may be thinking I'm off my rocker since we haven't invented time travel yet, but here's my reasoning for doing something seemingly pointless, and honestly, kind of silly.

Writing notes to my past self will involve looking back through my life and recalling some of the good and possibly not so good memories. I will write what I can remember of my past events and perhaps give my past self some advice on what I could've been done better. Basically, I will be writing my memories down for posterity's sake.

Writing notes to my present self will be just like any regular blog that people keep. Just logging some of my day to day experiences. Nothing new, nothing special.

Finally, my grand idea. Writing notes to my future self will not only include a speculation of what may or may not happen in the future, but it will also include a date. I will use that date to follow-up to what I wrote in the past. It's kind of like that elementary school project where you write a letter to yourself and the school will mail it to you some amount of years in the future. But this date can be whatever I see fit. And as an added bonus, I will update the original post with a link to the response from the "future" so that anyone reading the blog from the beginning can easily see the response if they're so inclined.

Well, that's the plan in a nutshell. I'm not sure how well I will be able to keep up with it and post on a regular basis though. Hopefully I can.

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